The Sonata de Grado


Composer Orlando Cardozo
Clarinet in B-flat and Piano
Available Letter / A4
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The Sonata de Grado (Graduation Sonata) was composed following the fast-slow-fast structure. The fast movements take inspiration from the Venezuelan merengue (Retozando) and Joropo (Entreverao), respectively, while the slow is an elegy. The first movement depicts the funny and picaresque characters of traditional Venezuelan merengues. The second movement contrasts its soulful melodies with an impressionist-like piano accompaniment. The last movement is a suite of several Venezuelan joropos: Zumba que Zumba, Seis numerao, Pajarillo y Chipola, combined skillfully by Cardozo. The joropo has an intricate rhythmic prevalence and the listener can enjoy the virtuosism of the performers in this movement. In the Sonata de Grado, the clarinet player displays a wide range of technical challenges such as the use of many long-high notes, glissandi, and multiphonics. The Sonata de Grado was composed in 2011. It was commissioned and also premiered by David Medina in Caracas, Venezuela, in 2013.


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Clarinet, Piano






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