Mínima Suite


Composer Orlando Cardozo
Woodwind duo (flute and clarinet)
Letter / A4
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Mínima Suite (2001) is a three-movement work inspired by Venezuelan popular airs. The first one, Cortico (short one), takes after the happiness and roguishness of the Venezuelan merengue. It demands a great deal of technical mastery from the performers, who face rhythmic challenges and huge intervallic leaps without the support usually provided by cuatro, charrasca, bass, etc.. In contrast, the second movement – named To-nadita (nadita means little nothing) – expresses the stillness of the mysterious Venezuelan tonada (a type of a capella milking song). The last movement is especially challenging. It evokes the golpe de San Rafael, a traditional air of the llanos (plains). This work was dedicated and premiered by the brothers Javier and Jorge Montilla.

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Orlando Cardozo



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