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Pajarillo con catira

Title Pajarillo con Catira (2003) /

Composer: Javier Montilla /
for flute and bassoon

 The “Pajarillo” is one of the variations or “golpe” of the “joropo” musical style of the “llanos” or the plains of Venezuela. The “joropo” can be identified by regions: central, eastern, and from the plains, and its roots come from the Spanish, the African, and the native culture. El “joropo llanero” features the folk harp, the “cuatro” (a four-string small guitar), maracas, bass (a late addition), and singing. Its rhythmic complexity is based on the juxtaposition of the 6/8 and 3/4 meters. Every “golpe” has a fixed harmonic sequence, and every song has different lyrics, although the melody usually remains the same, with just slight changes.

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