Composer: Nicolás Real

2017 Woodwind series


Seattle, USA

for flute quartet (3 flutes and alto flute)

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Xorotramao (1998) is a piece inspired by the most polyrhythmic character of the Venezuelan folk genre “joropo”; The title is a mixture of two words: xoropo, the antique spelling of this energetic and exuberant musical genre; and tramao, the Spanish translation for “weave.” This original work displays a two-part introduction with syncopated and melancholic melodies, followed by a tight counterpoint with a twist of homophonic passages. Xorotramao was composed in 1998 for the former Miquirebo-Venezuelan Flute Quartet, and it premiered in 2002 at the School of Music-Chamichian Hall in Central Michigan University.


By Nicolas Real
Instruments for flute quartet (3 flutes and alto flute)
Collection Woodwind Series
Format A4 - Letter (PDF Download)
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